Strategic Market Management

by ;
Edition: 12th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2023-11-01
Publisher(s): Wiley
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Strategic Market Management—An Introduction and Overview

•             Foundations of Marketing Strategy

•             Selecting a Marketing Strategy

•             Strategic Market Management

•             The Strategic Planning Cycle

•             Marketing and its Role in Strategy




Chapter 2 Environmental Analysis

•             Environmental Trends

•             Customer Trends

•             Sustainability Trends

•             Technology and Digital Trends

•             Government/Policy Trends

•             Economic Trends

•             Managing Environmental Analysis


Chapter 3 Customer Analysis

•             The Scope of Customer Analysis

•             Unmet Needs

•             Customer Motivations

•             Segmentation


Chapter 4 Competitor Analysis

•             Identifying Competitors

•             Potential Market Entrants

•             Assessing Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses

•             Predicting Competitor Actions

•             Obtaining Competitive Intelligence


Chapter 5 From Strategic Market Analysis to Marketing Strategy

•             Analyzing Strategic Uncertainty

•             Identifying and Evaluating Marketing Strategy Alternatives

•             From Strategic Analysis to Marketing Strategy Decisions




Chapter 6 Creating Advantage: Customer Value Leadership

•             Alternative Value Propositions

•             Customer Value Leadership

•             Managing for Customer Value Leadership


Chapter 7 Building and Managing Customer Relationships

•             The Customer Decision Journey

•             Managing Customer Experience

•             Toward Long-Term Customer Relationships


Chapter 8 Creating Valuable Customers

•             The Purchase Funnel

•             Customer Lifetime Models and Strategy Effectiveness

•             Customers as Valuable Assets


Chapter 9 Creating Strong Brands

•             Develop a Brand Vision

•             Locate a Strong Brand Position

•             Establish Must-Haves

•             Link Powerful Associations

•             Create Brand Visibility

•             Breakthrough with Digital

•             Ensure Brand Consistency

•             Optimize Brand Touchpoints

•             Lock in Brand Loyalty

•             Build Brand Community

•             Energize the Brand

•             Maintain Brand Relevance

•             Leverage the Brand Internally


Chapter 10 Strategic Brand Management

•             Managing Brands in a Hyperconnected World

•             Design Brand Architecture

•             Extend the Brand

•             Manage Cobranding Partners

•             Purpose-Driven Branding

•             Brands and Political Activism

•             Protect the Brand

•             Measure Brand Health




Chapter 11 The Growth Imperative

•             What is Innovation?

•             Why Innovation is Key to Company Growth

•             Why Innovation is Resisted

•             The Growth Mindset

•             Organizing for Innovation


Chapter 12 Full-Spectrum Innovation

•             Market Penetration

•             Market Expansion

•             Offering Expansion

•             Narrow Offerings and/or Markets

•             Adjacent Offerings for Adjacent Customers

•             Innovate Through Branding and Engagement Strategies

•             Innovate Using the Business Model

•             Build Innovation Capabilities


Chapter 13 Evaluating Growth Options

•             Question 1: Is the Offering Differentiated?

•             Question 2: Is the Offering Attractive?

•             Question 3: Is the Offering Feasible?

•             Question 4: Is the Core Business Successful and What are the KSFs?

•             Question 5: What Assets and Capabilities Should be Leveraged?

•             Question 6: Can the Core Business be Transferred to the New Market?

•             Question 7: Are There Synergies Between the New and Existing Business?

•             Question 8: Will the New Business be Successful? Become a Market Leader?

•             Question 9: Can the Market be Defended?

•             Question 10: Is the Growth Strategy Scalable?

•             Question 11: Can Growth Strategy Risk be Minimized?

•             Growth Metrics


Chapter 14 Managing Global Strategies

•             Global Strategy Objectives

•             Standardization vs. Customization

•             Expanding the Global Footprint

•             Strategic Alliances

•             Global Marketing Management


Chapter 15 Managing the Business and Brand Portfolio

•             The Business Portfolio

•             Divestment or Liquidation

•             The Milk Strategy

•             Prioritizing and Trimming the Brand Portfolio




Chapter 16 Harnessing the Organization

•             Customer-Centric Organizational Cultures

•             Customer-Centric Capabilities

•             Customer-Centric Organizational Structure

•             Metrics and Incentives for Customer Centricity

•             Leading for Customer Centricity

•             Customer-Centric Talent


Chapter 17 How Marketing Activities Create Value for Companies

•             The Impact of Customer and Brand Equity on Firm Revenues

•             The Effect of Marketing Assets on Firm Value

•             How Markets Value Marketing Assets

•             Managing Marketing to Contribute to Firm Value


Case Studies

•             The Energy Bar Industry

•             Competing Against the Industry Giant

•             Leveraging a Brand Asset

•             The Rise of Retail Healthcare

•             Using Automated Text Analysis for Marketing Insights


Appendix: Internal Analysis





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