Project Management Case Studies [Rental Edition]

Edition: 15th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2019-07-18
Publisher(s): Wiley Rental
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Table of Contents

Preface xiii

1 Project Management Methodologies 1

Lakes Automotive 3

Ferris HealthCare, Inc. 5

Clark Faucet Company 7

Creating a Methodology 11

Honicker Corporation 15

Acquisition Problem 19

2 Implementation of Project Management 29

Kombs Engineering 31

Williams Machine Tool Company 33

The Reluctant Workers 37

Macon, Inc. 39

Cordova Research Group 41

Cortez Plastics 43

The Enterprise Resource Planning Project 45

The Prioritization of Projects 53

Selling Executives on Project Management 55

The New CIO 59

The Invisible Sponsor 63

The Trade-off Decision (A) 67

The Trade-off Decision (B) 71

The Project Audit 73

3 Project Management Cultures 77

Como Tool and Die (A) 79

Como Tool and Die (B) 83

Apache Metals, Inc. 87

Haller Specialty Manufacturing 89

Coronado Communications 91

Radiance International 95

The Executive Director 99

4 Project Management Organizational Structures 105

Quasar Communications, Inc. 107

Fargo Foods 113

Government Project Management 117

Falls Engineering 119

White Manufacturing 125

Martig Construction Company 127

5 Negotiating for Resources 129

Ducor Chemical 131

American Electronics International 135

The Carlson Project 139

Communication Failures 141

6 Project Estimating 145

Capital Industries 147

Small-Project Cost Estimating at Percy Company 151

Cory Electric 153

Camden Construction Corporation 157

The Estimating Problem 161

The Singapore Software Group (A) 163

The Singapore Software Group (B) 169

The Singapore Software Group (C) 171

The Singapore Software Group (D) 173

To Bid or Not to Bid 175

7 Project Planning 179

Greyson Corporation 181

Teloxy Engineering (A) 187

Teloxy Engineering (B) 189

Payton Corporation 191

Kemko Manufacturing 193

Chance of a Lifetime 197

8 Project Scheduling 201

Crosby Manufacturing Corporation 203

The Scheduling Dilemma 207

9 Project Execution 211

The Blue Spider Project 213

Corwin Corporation 229

Quantum Telecom 241

The Trophy Project 243

Margo Company 247

Project Overrun 249

The Automated Evaluation Project 251

The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Iridium: A Project Management Perspective 255

Health Care Partners, Inc. 287

McRoy Aerospace 293

The Poor Worker 297

The Prima Donna 299

The Team Meeting 301

The Management Control Freak 303

The Skills Inventory Project 307

10 Controlling Projects 309

The Two-Boss Problem 311

The Bathtub Period 313

Irresponsible Sponsors 315

The Need for Project Management Metrics (A) 317

The Need for Project Management Metrics (B) 323

The Need for Project Management Metrics (C) 329

The Need for Project Management Metrics (D) 333

The Need for Project Management Metrics (E) 337

The Need for Project Management Metrics (F) 341

The Need for Project Management Metrics (G) 347

The Need for Project Management Metrics (H) 351

11 Project Risk Management 355

The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster 357

Packer Telecom 405

Luxor Technologies 407

Altex Corporation 411

Acme Corporation 415

The Risk Management Department 419

12 Conflict Management 423

Facilities Scheduling at Mayer Manufacturing 425

Scheduling the Safety Lab 429

Telestar International 431

The Problem with Priorities 433

13 Morality and Ethics 435

The Project Management Lawsuit 437

Managing Crisis Projects 441

Is It Fraud? 457

The Management Reserve 461

14 Managing Scope Changes 465

Denver International Airport 467

15 Wage and Salary Administration 507

Photolite Corporation (A) 509

Photolite Corporation (B) 513

Photolite Corporation (C) 517

Photolite Corporation (D) 523

First Security Bank of Cleveland 529

Jackson Industries 533

16 Time Management 537

Time Management Exercise 539

17 Industry Specific: Construction 559

Robert L. Frank Construction Company 561

The Lyle Construction Project 571

18 Industry Specific: Disney Theme Parks 581

Disney (A): Imagineering Project Management 583

Disney (B): Imagineering Project Management in Action—The Haunted Mansion 595

Disney (C): Disney Theme Parks and Enterprise Environmental Factors 613

Disney (D): The Globalization of Disneyland 633

Disney (E): Ocean Park Hong Kong: Competing against Disney 649

19 Industry Specific: The Olympic Games 655

Olympics (A): Would You Want to Manage Projects for the City Hosting the Olympic Games? 657

Olympics (B): The Olympics, Project Management, and PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 687

Olympics (C): Would You Want to Manage Projects for the Feeding of Athletes in the Olympic Village? 693

Olympics (D): Managing Health Risks for Some Olympic Venues 703

20 Industry Specific: The Commercial Aircraft Industry 709

Philip Condit and the Boeing 777: From Design and Development to Production and Sales 711

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Battery Issues 735

The Airbus A380 Airplane 745

21 Agile/Scrum Project Management 763

Agile (A): Understanding Implementation Risks 765

Agile (B): Project Management Mind-set 773

Agile (C): Managing and Reporting Project Agility 777

Index 783

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