Primary Care The Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing – an Interprofessional Approach

by ; ; ;
Edition: 6th
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2022-11-21
Publisher(s): F.A. Davis Company
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Primary Care, 6th Edition, online case studies, and Davis Edge work together to create an interactive learning experience that prepares students for their roles as Advanced Practice Nurses in the primary care setting. An access code inside new printed texts unlocks Davis Edge, the online case studies, and an ebook.
LEARN—The Text
Written by nurse practitioners for nurse practitioners in collaboration with a physician, this popular text explores the theoretical foundations of everything Primary Care. Its comprehensive and easy-to-follow presentation examines the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of every body system across the life span.
APPLYCase Studies
Online case studies use real-world scenarios to develop clinical decision-making skills as students learn how to properly diagnose and treat patients.
ASSESSDavis Edge
This interactive, online Q&A review platform provides the practice needed to master course content and prepare for exams. Over 1,000 board-style questions test students’ knowledge and retention of what they are learning.
Actionable analytics enable instructors to assess their students’ mastery of the content and their critical-thinking and decision-making skills to easily identify the areas in which they are struggling and intervene quickly in class and on assignments to ensure that they succeed.
  • Expanded, Revised & Updated! Significantly increased and updated content throughout, especially in the sections detailing Ear, Nose, and Throat Problems; Musculoskeletal Problems, and Psychosocial Problems.
  • New Section! Care of Vulnerable Populations in Unit 3, featuring four new chapters that focus on populations that require special attention and consideration
  • New Features! Geriatric Considerations and Pediatric/Adolescent Considerations in applicable Unit 2 chapters
  • New! Online case studies with critical thinking questions
  • Coverage of the broadest range of human disease and disorders using a systems-based approach that presents both Common Complaints and Common Problems to help students narrow down the possible differentials to the most likely diagnosis
  • Coverage of pathophysiology and diagnostic reasoning as well as up-to-date guidance on laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Emphasis on evidence-based practice with information on evidence levels and more references to primary studies
Davis Edge
  • Enhanced! Interface that makes navigation even easier and offers instructors more flexibility and control options
  • Thousands of questions aligned to Primary Care with page references
  • Comprehensive rationales for both correct and incorrect responses
  • Personalized dashboards that track students’ progress across their assignments and highlight where they need to focus their study time

Table of Contents

1.Primary Care in the Twenty-First Century: A Circle of Caring
2.Caring and the Advanced Practice Nurse
3.Health Promotion
4.The Art of Diagnosis and Treatment
5.Evidence-Based Practice
Section 1.Neurological Problems
6.Common Neurological Complaints
7.Seizure Disorders
8.Degenerative Disorders
9.Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)
10.Infectious and Inflammatory Neurological Disorders
Section 2.Skin Problems
11.Common Skin Complaints
12.Parasitic Skin Infestations
13.Fungal Skin Infections
14.Bacterial Skin Infections
15.Viral Skin Infections
17.Skin Lesions
Section 3.Eye Problems
18.Common Eye Complaints
19.Lid and Conjunctival Pathology
20.Visual Disturbances and Impaired Vision
Section 4.Ear, Nose, and Throat Problems
21.Common Ear, Nose, an Throat Complaints
22.Hearing and Balance Disorders
23.Inflammatory and Infectious Disorders of the Ear
24.Inflammatory and Infectious Disorders of the Nose, Sinuses, Mouth, and Throat
26.Temporomandibular Disorders
Section 5.Respiratory Problems
28.Common Respiratory Complaints
29.Sleep Apnea
30.Infectious Respiratory Disorders
31.Inflammatory Respiratory Disorders
32.Lung Cancer
33.Smoking Addiction
Section 6.Cardiovascular Problems
34.Common Cardiovascular Complaints
35.Cardiac and Associated Risk Disorders
36.Arrhythmias and Valvular Disorders
37.Disorders of the Vascular System
Section 7.Abdominal Problems
38.Common Abdominal Complaints
39.Infectious Gastrointestinal Disorders
40.Gastric and Intestinal Disorders
41.Gallbladder and Pancreatic Disorders
42.Cirrhosis and Liver Failure
Section 8.Renal Problems
43.Common Urinary Complaints
44.Urinary Tract Disorders
45.Kidney and Bladder Disorders
Section 9.Gender-Related Health Problems
46.Common Reproductive System Complaints
47.Common Reproductive System Issues
48.Breast Disorders
49.Vaginal, Uterine, and Ovarian Disorders
50.Prostate Disorders
51.Penile and Testicular Disorders
52.Sexually Transmitted Infections
Section 10.Musculoskeletal Problems
53.Common Musculoskeletal Complaints
54.Spinal Disorders
55.Soft-Tissue Disorders
56.Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis
Section 11.Endocrine and Metabolic Problems
57.Common Endocrine and Metabolic Complaints
58.Glandular Disorders
59.Diabetes Mellitus
60.Metabolic Disorders
Section 12.Hematological and Immunological Problems
61.Common Hematological and Immunological Complaints
62.Hematological Disorders
63.Immunological Disorders
64.Infectious Disorders
Section 13.Psychosocial Problems
65.Common Psychological Complaints
66.Neurodevelopmental Disorders
67.Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders
68.Schizophrenia Spectrum and other Psychotic Disorders
69.Mood Disorders
70.Anxiety Disorders and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
71.Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders
72.Other Psychiatric Disorders
73.Sexual Assault
74.Human Trafficking
Section 14.Urgent Care Problems
75.Common Injuries
76.Toxic and Enviromental Exposures
Section 1: Care of Vulnerable Populations
77.Primary Care of Adolescents
78.Sports Physicals
79.Primary Care of Patients Who Are Transgender
80.Primary Care of Veterans
81.Primary Care of the Patient with Cancer
82.Primary Care of Older Adults
83.Pain Management
Section 2: Special Topics in Advanced Practice (Online Only)
84.Palliative and End-of-life Care
85.Ethical and Legal Issues of a Caring-Based Practice
86.Quality & Value-Based Payment: Making an Economic Impact on Health Care
87.Primary Care Approaches to Behavioral Health
88.Putting Caring Into Practice: Caring for Self

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