Intelligent Testing with the WISC-V [Rental Edition]

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Edition: 1st
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2019-07-18
Publisher(s): Wiley Rental
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Table of Contents

Foreword xi
Alan S. Kaufman

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xvii

Part I Introduction to Intelligent Testing and the WISC–V 1

Chapter 1 Intelligent Testing 5

Part II Administration and Scoring 35

Chapter 2 Intelligent WISC–V Administration: Test Kit Version 37

Chapter 3 WISC–V Scoring: Test Kit Version 91

Chapter 4 WISC–V Digital Administration and Scoring 139

Part III Basic WISC–V Test Interpretation 157

Chapter 5 WISC–V Sex, Ethnic, and Socioeconomic Status (SES) Differences 159

Chapter 6 The Creation of New Risk Scales for School Failure and Juvenile Delinquency: The Child and Adolescent Academic and Behavior Questionnaires 175
Jennie Kaufman Singer, Alan S. Kaufman, Susan Engi Raiford, and Diane L. Coalson

Chapter 7 Does WISC–V Scatter Matter? 209
Troy Courville, Diane L. Coalson, Alan S. Kaufman, and Susan Engi Raiford

Chapter 8 Basic Steps for WISC–V Interpretation 227

Part IV Theoretical Frameworks for WISC–V Interpretation 249

Chapter 9 Interpreting the WISC–V from the Perspective of Cattell-Horn-Carroll Theory 251

Case 1—Liam, age 9: Emotionally Intelligent Testing with the WISC–V and CHC Theory 265
W. Joel Schneider

Case 2—Alicia, Age 13: Looking Under the Hood 283
Jill Hartmann and John Willis

Case 3—Luke, Age 9: A CHC-Based Cross-Battery Assessment Case Report 304
Jennifer T. Mascolo and Dawn P. Flanagan

Chapter 10 Interpreting the WISC–V from a Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective 331

Case 4—Josh, Age 8: A Neurodevelopmental Processing "No Numbers" Approach to Case Report Writing 348
Elaine Fletcher-Janzen and Elizabeth Power

Case 5—Tawna, Age 13: Eighth-Grade Girl with ADHD Struggling with Processing Speed, Sustained Attention, and Emotional Functioning 362
Michelle Lurie and Elizabeth Lichtenberger

Case 6—Tom, Age 8 (Digital Administration): Evaluation of a Twice Exceptional Child: Gifted with Dyslexia and Symptoms of Inattention and Social-Behavioral Issues 372
Kristina Breaux

Chapter 11 Interpreting the WISC–V from a Neuropsychological Perspective 405

Case 7—Jaime, Age 10: A Fourth-Grade Boy on the Autism Spectrum Struggling with Behavioral and Learning Problems 425
Jennie Kaufman Singer

Case 8—Christopher, Age 11: Phonological Dyslexia in Child with Visual Perceptual Disorder 437
Marsha Vasserman

Case 9—Isabella, Age 13: Teenage Girl with Low Cognitive Ability, ADHD, and Emotional Issues 448
Michelle Lurie

Chapter 12 Interpreting the WISC–V from Dan Miller’s Integrated School Neuropsychological/Cattell-Horn-Carroll Model 459
Daniel C. Miller and Alicia M. Jones

Case 10—John, Age 12: A Neuropsychological Case Study Using the WISC–V with a 10-Year-Old Boy with a Suspected Specific Learning Disability in Written Expression 471
Daniel C. Miller and Alicia M. Jones

Chapter 13 Interpreting the WISC–V Using George Mccloskey’s Neuropsychologically Oriented Process Approach to Psychoeducational Evaluations493
George McCloskey, Emily Hartz and Jaime Slonim

Case 11—Colin, Age 8: An Eight-Year-Old Boy with Mild Executive Function Difficulties but No Specific Learning Disabilities 497
George McCloskey

Case 12—Derek, Age 13: A Teenage Boy Exhibiting Phonological Dyslexia and Executive Function Difficulties 523
George McCloskey

Chapter 14 Interpreting the WISC–V for Children with Reading or Language Problems: Five Illustrative Case Reports 549

Introduction to the Five Case Reports on Children with Reading or Language Problems 549
Diane L. Coalson and Nadeen L. Kaufman

Conceptual and Clinical Integration of All 17 Case Reports in the Book 550
Nadeen L. Kaufman and Diane L. Coalson

Case 13—Ellie, Age 10: Complexity in Diagnosis: Neuropsychological Assessment of a Chinese Adoptee 557
Michelle Lurie

Case 14—Jordan, Age 15: Cognitive Development in a Child Who Is Hard of Hearing: Is It More than Just Hearing? 568
Marsha Vasserman

Case 15—Jane, Age 8: Consumer-Responsive Approach to Assessment Reports 578
Robert Lichtenstein and Joan Axelrod

Case 16—Lizzie, Age 8: Low Cognition, Low Achievement—Still with a Learning Disability 587
Carlea Dries and Ron Dumont

Case 17—Patrick, Age 9: Does My Son Have a Reading Disability?: Application of the WISC–V and WJ IV 600
Nancy Mather and Katie Eklund

Part V Independent WISC–V Test Reviews 613

Chapter 15 Our WISC–V Review 615
Matthew R. Reynolds and Megan B. Hadorn

Chapter 16 Review of the WISC–V 637
Ron Dumont and John O. Willis

Chapter 17 Review of the WISC–V 645
Daniel C. Miller and Ryan J. McGill

Chapter 18 Independent WISC–V Test Review: Theoretical and Practical Considerations 663
Jack A. Naglieri

Chapter 19 Some Impressions of, and Questions about, the WISC–V 669
George McCloskey

Chapter 20 Review of the wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children–Fifth Edition: Critique, Commentary, and Independent Analyses 683
Gary L. Canivez and Marley W. Watkins

Chapter 21 Overview and Integration of the Independent Reviews of WISC–V 703

Part VI Afterword: Alan Kaufman Reflects on David Wechsler and His Legacy 713

Dr.Wechsler Remembered, Part I (1992)

Dr.Wechsler Remembered, Part II (2015)

References 725

About the Authors 771

About the Contributors 773

About the Online Resources 781

Author Index 785

Subject Index 795


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