Finite Mathematics

by ;
Edition: 2nd
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2004-02-06
Publisher(s): Cengage Learning
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The Second Edition of this engaging text for the one-semester finite mathematics course uses intriguing, real-world applications to capture the interest of business, economics, life science, and social science majors. This practical approach to mathematics, along with the integration of graphing calculators and Excel spreadsheet explorations, exposes students to the tools they will encounter in future careers. A wealth of pedagogy includes the following distinctive features: detailedWorked-out Examples with Annotationshelp students through more challenging concepts;Practice Problemsare offered to help students check their understanding of concepts presented in the examples;Section Summariesbriefly restate essential formulas and key concepts;Chapter Summary with Hints and Suggestionsunify chapter themes, give specific reminders, and reference problems in the review exercises suitable for a practice test; andCumulative Review Exercisesappear at the end of groups of chapters to reinforce previously learned concepts and skills. Graphing Calculator ExamplesandExerciseslocated throughout the text explore new topics, guide students through "messy" calculations, or show technology pitfalls. These may be omitted without disrupting the flow or cohesion of the text. Application Previewsplace mathematics in a real-world context and motivate students' interest in the material. Annotationsbeside many formulas and solution steps emphasize the importance of being able to "read mathematics" by restating much of the mathematics in words.

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter concludes with a Summary with Hints and Suggestions
Review Exercises, and Projects and Essays
Real Numbers, Inequalities, and Lines Application Preview: World-Record Mile Runs
Exponents Application Preview: Size, Shape, and Exponents
Functions Application Preview: Functional Drunkenness
Functions, continued Application Preview: Automobile Efficiency and Rational Functions
Exponential Functions Application Preview: Exponential Functions and the World's Worst Currency
Logarithmic Functions Application Preview: Carbon-14 Dating and the Shroud of Turin
Mathematics of Finance
Simple Interest Application Preview: Benjamin Franklin's Will
Compound Interest Application Preview: Musical Instruments as Investments
Annuities Application Preview: Retirement Planning
Amortization Application Preview: Loan Repayment and the Rule of 78
Matrices and Systems of Equations
Systems of Two Linear Equations in Two Variables Application Preview: A "Taxing" Problem
Matrices and Linear Equations in Two Variables Application Preview: Spreadsheets
Systems of Linear Equations and the Gauss-Jordan Method Application Preview: Ancient Chinese Mathematics
Matrix Arithmetic Application Preview: Matrices and Computers
Inverse Matrices and Systems of Linear Equations Application Preview: Sensitivity Analysis
Two Applications
Linear Programming
Linear Inequalities Application Preview: Northwest Airlines and Crew Schedules
Two-Variable Linear Programming Problems Application Preview: Managing an Investment Portfolio
The Simplex Method for Standard Maximum Problems Application Preview: George Dantzig and the Origins of the Simplex Method
Duality and Standard Minimum Problems Application Preview: Diet Problems and "The Cost of Subsistence
Nonstandard Problems: The Dual Pivot Element and the Two-Stage Method Application Preview: Kantorovich and Production Planning
Nonstandard Problems: Artificial Variables and the Big-M Method Application Preview: Kantorovich and Production Planning
Sets, Counting, and Venn Diagrams Application Preview: The Chevalier de Mere
Permutations, Combinations, and the Binomial Theorem Application Preview: Starting Lineups
Probability Spaces Application Preview: Coincidences
Conditional Probability and Indedepence Application Preview: Independence and the Law
Bayes' Theorem Application Preview: Airline Hijacking
Random Variables and Distributions Application Preview: Home Run Records
Random Samples and Data Organization Application Preview: Roosevelt and Landon in 1936
Measures of Central Tendency Application Preview: Household Incomes
Measures of Variation Application Preview: Pain, Suffering, and Statistics
Normal Distributions and Binomial Approximation Application Preview: The Bell-Shape Curve
Markov Chains
States and Transitions Application Preview: Weather in Sri Lanka
Regular Markov Chains Application Preview: Hidden Markov Models and Genetics
Absorbing Markov Chains Application Preview: Random Walks
Statements and Connectives Application Preview: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric
Truth Tables Application Preview: Circuits
Implications Application Preview: "If..., then..." as a Computer Instruction
Valid Arguments Application Preview: Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Intelligence
Quantifiers and Euler Diagrams Application Preview: The Dog Walking Ordinance
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

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